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Welcome to v-Lawyer, your all-in-one AI-powered legal assistant. Here, we’re committed to revolutionizing how legal services are rendered. From document analysis to virtual consultations, we offer a myriad of features that are designed to meet your every legal need. Below is an overview of what we can do for you.

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Got legal questions? Get instant and detailed answers from our AI model. For a more comprehensive understanding, our premium models are also available.

Law Dictionary

Look up complex legal jargon and understand their meanings with simple explanations and examples.

Document Analysis

Upload documents in PDF format and get an in-depth analysis. Our AI converts the document into an interactive format where you can ask questions directly.

Automatic Summarization

Provide us with lengthy legal documents and get concise, summarized versions without missing out on the essential points.

Defense Builder

Craft a robust legal defense strategy with our AI, which guides you through the various legal precedents and articles that can strengthen your case.

Document Scanner

Scan any document with your smartphone and convert it into an editable and searchable format.

Create complex legal documents effortlessly. Customize, edit, and download them in PDF format.

Engage in a virtual consultation with our AI lawyer. This feature allows for real-time Q&A sessions across different legal domains.

Document Chat

Interact with a legal document by asking questions directly within the document interface. Receive immediate answers and clarifications from our AI lawyer.


At v-Lawyer, we're dedicated to making legal services more accessible and straightforward. Our advanced, AI-powered features offer you comprehensive legal solutions at your fingertips. Thank you for choosing v-Lawyer for all your legal needs.

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